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The A – Z of Marketing: S is for … Say it Again!

Apr 29, 2016

It’s a well-publicised fact that people buy from people and that it’s very unlikely that someone will buy something from you on your first point of contact.

Message repetition and enforcement of brand doesn’t have to mean phoning a client or potential customer every couple of weeks – it can be subtler than that – and sometimes much more effective!

Instead of bombarding your contacts with a series of calls & emails – which are a bit hit and miss and which recipients can choose to ignore – consider a mixture of communication methods, including promotional items.

In the same way a picture says a thousand words, a promotional product which the recipient finds useful will be retained – continuing to project your brand & contact details & generating a positive association with your company.

In a survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by Relevant Insights LLC on behalf of the British promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) 94% of people remember a company who gave them a promotional gift – and nearly half of those said that they were MORE likely to do business with the company that presented the gift.

Once you have made the initial contact, follow it up with a branded product in the post – it will give you something to talk about the next time you call and will ensure that your company name is in the fore-front of the person you are calling.

By sending a gift you have already ensured that the person you want to do business with is viewing you in a positive light – who doesn’t like someone who sends them presents?

To discuss a range of post-friendly, low-cost branded merchandise ideas, why not give us at Ant Farm Marketing a call? There’s a LOT to choose from – not just pens!

We’ll help you to select a product which is attractive, practical & has a natural association with your company and its services.

We look forward to hearing from you on 01993 776085.

The A – Z of Marketing: R is for … refresh the way you promote yourself!

Jul 27, 2015

With so many other companies vying for attention at Trade Shows & Events, promotional products are one of the best ways to draw traffic on to your stand – after all EVERYONE loves a freebie!

You could….

… send out ‘teaser campaign’ postcards a week prior to the show, launching a new product/service to current clients & potential clients & inviting them to present the postcards (filled in with their details/ completed survey) on-stand in exchange for a free gift & entry into a grand prize draw.

This type of campaign provides your sales team with the best conversation starter to sell your new product/service. The free gift on offer could be a branded Power Bank, plug-in Phone Speaker, quality Writing InstrumentSelfie StickEar Phones or Shell Jacket – dependent on your budget. You could then enter all returned postcards in a prize draw for an iPad Mini, Fit Bit, or some other similarly coverted gadet – making sure your stand is the first one they call on to at the event!

… opt for a high-visual impact product – such as a brightly coloured bag – which you present to every visitor to your stand who enquires about a particular service/product. These are not only useful items, but they act as walking billboards, promoting your company & brand to everyone attending the show and making attendees seek you out for their freebie!

Don’t just think Shopping Tote Bags – there are hundreds of styles of bag out there, including sporty & business ranges, Laptop Rucksacks & Cool Bags – all of which can be printed or embroidered & which would be gratefully received by your target audience.

…offer ‘trade up’ promotional items. For instance, send out a keyring/pen to your database inviting show attendees to call on your stand & exchange their free gift forsomething ‘bigger’ if they ask about your new service/product. One of the most successful campaigns I can remember was when one company sent out a branded pencil case to clients and said if they called on-stand they would fill it with sweets! Their stand was packed for the duration of the show – yes – even with Businessmen – they still have children at home! 😉

We hope the above has caught your interest. We would love the opportunity to discuss some marketing & promotional product ideas for your company’s next series of Trade Shows & Events. Whatever your target audience & budget we can come up with appropriate branded product suggestions that will promote your company in a positive light & ensure you are remembered by your clients.

The A-Z of Marketing: Q is for … Quality

Apr 9, 2015

A – Z of Marketing, Q  is for … Quality!

When selecting product to brand with your company details, it is important to keep in mind that the item you present will be retained by the recipient & that for the lifetime of the object, it will be projecting an image of you, your company & its services.

With this in mind, quality counts.

As with shoes, when it comes to business gifts for your clients & potential clients, your mantra should be ‘the best I can afford’.

No-one wants to be presented with a cheap or shoddy product – even if it is for free! The merchandise you select should always be ‘fit for purpose’, ideally ‘classically stylish’, or ‘fashion forward’ &  ALWAYS useful.

As a provider of printed promotional products, Ant Farm Marketing will assist you with appropriate product selection for your budget, with artwork design if required, & will over-see product production every step of the way to ensure you receive a perfectly finished product on time & within budget.

We want to assist you in presenting the best image of your company’s brand.

 Helping YOU look good makes us look good – and when the items work for you, you will be happy to come back to us for your next promotional campaign, secure in the knowledge of receiving sound advice & a quality product.

A – Z of Marketing, P is for …Pens

Feb 24, 2015

Pens are THE perennially popular, practical promotional product.

Universally recognized & suitable for presentation to recipients of most ages & both sexes – pens are often regarded as a ‘safe option’ when it comes to business gifts and corporate promotion – after all, most of us use a pen every working day of our lives!

While we may receive multiple branded writing instruments & have a number in our desk drawer, briefcase or handbag – how many of those company’s names can you recall?

While pens ARE practical & useful items to receive, they are also ‘personal’ – what one user may find comfortable to write with, another may find too thin or chunky. A bright vibrant colour that appeals to one recipient may repel someone else. Even the colour of the ink may alienate some users!

With this in mind, my advise first & foremost is NOT to plump for the cheapest pen option available – chances are a cheap pen will promote a ‘cheap’ image of your company – which nobody wants!

There is really only one type of organisation that can get away with sending out cheap pens & that is charities sending out low-cost pens with mailers inviting donors to sign-up. These pens are almost designed as ‘single use items’ putting a pen straight in the recipient’s hand for them to ‘sign up’ there & then. Research has shown that including a pen in these type of mailers dramatically increases the number of donations received.

When choosing a pen, one of the main factors you should consider is the amount of information you want to communicate:  Do you need a larger than average size branding area so your company logo doesn’t lose definition? Do you want the pen to include your Company Name, Web Address & Contact Telephone Number?

With advances in print techniques, pens can now be either pad printed or digitally printed in full colour. Some pens can be printed completely around the barrel, while others can now utilise variable data to print every pen in a run with an individual recipient’s name.

One of the best ways to ensure that your pen is kept and retained is to send a slightly different type of pen. Instead of sending a ballpen, why not send a highlighter which is likely to be valued highly by the recipient and fiercely guarded in the office!

Alternatively, if your brand, products & services lend themselves to it – opt for something fun & quirky – again something that a recipient will want to keep all for themselves.

For help & advice on pen selection & branding for your own company promotion, speak to one of our  helpful & knowledgeable advisers today. They will discuss your individual needs with you  and suggest a selection of pen options from which to choose.

The A– Z of Marketing, O is for… Once is not enough!

Jan 13, 2015

Anyone who has ever attended business network meetings, or become a member of an online networking  group will tell you that people do not do business with someone they have only met once – in business, as in personal life,  it takes time and familiarity to build up a relationship of trust.

The same can be said for marketing & promoting your business –repetition & continued awareness is key to creating a solid & trustworthy impression of your company.

While a prospective client may receive your information or promotional product while attending a show, or via a targeted mailing, they may not be in a position to use your product or services at that precise moment in time.

That’s not to say they may NEVER do business with you – just that the time is not right for them.

Rather than writing off the prospect, now that initial contact has been established, it’s important to create continued awareness of your brand.

 Promotional products do this particularly effectively – as the potential customer always knows where to find your contact details when he needs them.  This creates a positive association with your company that you are both reliable & consistent.

While promotional products perform an unrivalled job of placing your brand in front of contacts, generating an continuous sense of familiarity, this still needs to be reinforced with human contact – after all people buy from people!

Branded merchandise makes great ice-breakers & gives you something to talk about when telephoning a prospect.

 Rather than simply cold-calling, you are enquiring as to whether they received their promotional item – reminding them that you value them enough to send them a gift & putting a permanent association of you & your company  with the useful item they have been given.

Once that first phone call has been received most people are receptive to receiving contact calls every few months – helping you to establish that trustworthy relationship, which ultimately will lead to you doing business with the contact.

For advice on popular promotional items, to find out what’s new in the field of branded merchandise, or what types of product we would recommend to effectively market your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Ant Farm Marketing on 01993 776085. We are here to help & look forward to assisting you with building your business throughout 2015.