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The Eco Collection

Promo Gifts That Won't Cost The Earth

There was a time when Environmentally-Friendly promotional products were hard to source & prohibitively expensive – but now that's not the case! In fact, think of a promotional item and chances are there is an Eco-Friendly option readily available!

With the advance in recycled materials & a growing interest in cultivating renewable sources, this sector of the promotional market is keeping apace with 'standard' product offerings & has seen the launch of some exciting new products.

The faithful Cotton Shopper now has some serious bag rivals, which offer an abundance of colour & style options made from recycled PP & PET materials. The Contrast Shopper  & Packaway Shopper are among the most popular alternatives. 

Some of the more innovative Eco-Friendly pen options include those made from bio-degradable Corn Starch, Paper & FSC Certified Wood.