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Get the Low-down on the Best-selling Advertising Gifts

Top 10

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the most popular branded product currently being requested by UK Marketing Managers is the Promotional Bag – with the ever-popular Printed Pen hot on it's heels!

BPMA report on Click Through Enquiries for Promotional Gifts, reveals that the Top Ten most searched items are:

Just five years ago, printed re-useable Bags were way down the list of items under consideration by Marketing Managers looking to publicize their brand through promotional products.

Now they are an ecologically-sound promotional essential & the UK's most sought-after advertising gift!

Although a little more expensive than the traditional publicity give-away – the pen – Bags give a much BIGGER bang for your buck!

What other branded item not only continually reminds the recipient of your company & its services, but ALSO acts as a mobile advertising billboard every time it's in use – promoting your message to everyone it passes on the street?

  • Bags are a practical, useful product
  • Bags are non gender or age specific
  • Bags are available in a wide choice of styles, colours & materials
  • Bags are offered in environmentally-friendly options
  • Bags can be branded in a choice of either print or embroidery
  • Bags are suited to the majority of promotional gift-giving situations
  • Bags have longevity
  • Bags instil an environmentally-caring image of your company

Cotton Shoppers are, without doubt, the UK's most popular Promotional Bag. The darling of SupermarketsHigh Street Retailers & Local Council Recycling Departments, these low-cost items (usually printed one side in a single colour) provide a high-impact, practical solution to reducing the use of Plastic Carrier Bags. They also help to promote a positive, environmentally-sound image of your brand.

For those organisations looking to add some more colour to their promotions, new non-woven recycled Polypropylene materials have also been introduced to the shopper range of promotional bags – which boast all of the re-usable benefits of cotton plus the added benefit of being water resistant!

Pens – the Perfect Promotional Gift?

Used by everyone, pens are a perennial favourite when it comes to business gifts – no matter WHAT size your budget.

While the colours & styles may be more fashion-led these days & the range more abundant, you can't really go wrong if opting for a traditional printed pen as one of your core branded items.

Although the print area on most pens is limited – there's enough room to get the vital information; company name/logophone number & web address on, and with a considered selection of appropriate pen style & colour you can ensure the chosen writing instrument reflects your corporate branding.

  • Pens are a practical, useful product
  • Pens are non gender or age specific
  • Pens are available in a wide choice of styles, colours & finishes
  • Pens are offered in environmentally-friendly options
  • Pens can be branded in one colour, or digitally printed in full colour
  • Pens are suited to the majority of promotional gift-giving situations
  • Pens can be easily mailed out in the post & presented face to face
  • Pens are a low-cost, familiar item
  • Pens are used by EVERYONE!

For those companies wishing to opt for a promotional pen, but wanting a larger information area, some new options have come onto the market.

Now marketers can choose from Banner Pens – with an extendable branded flag which is coiled around the inner barrel of the pen while in use, or Photo Pens, where the whole 360 degrees of the barrel can be printed in glorious wrap-around full colour!

Key Rings – Your Key to Marketing Success

One of the few items that people actually keep on their person on a day-to-day basis, Key Rings offer an unrivalled opportunity for continued awareness & promotion.

Ensure your Key Ring is retained and looked-at on a regular basis by using one of the many 'functional' key ring options available – such as the Shopper Trolley Coin Key Ring, a Carabiner Key Ring, or a Bottle Opener Key Ring. These types of Key Ring are more likely to actually be put on a bunch of keys & used by recipients.

  • Key Rings are carried around every day by the majority of adults
  • Key Rings are an appropriate gift for either sex
  • Key Rings are available in a varied array of design options
  • Key Rings are offered in eco-friendly materials
  • Key Rings can feature double-sided print
  • Key Rings are suited to the majority of promotional gift-giving situations
  • Key Rings once holding keys, will be retained indefinitely!

USB Sticks – The UK's MOST WANTED Business Gift

According to research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), branded USBs are THE advertising gift most prized by recipients.

Available in an ever-expanding variety of design options & a choice of Memory size, USBs are desirable products that provide the ideal combination of functionality & retain ability –  two key elements when considering promotional items & which will ensure continued awareness & marketing success!

  • USBs are a practical, useful product
  • USBs are a suitable gift for recipients of either sex
  • USBs are available in a wide choice of styles, colours & materials
  • USBs are offered in environmentally-friendly options
  • USBs can be branded in a variety of ways – dependent on style
  • USBs have a high perceived value among recipients
  • USBs therefore make your clients feel valued

To make your promotional USB easier to keep hold of, choose an option with a split ring – that can be used as a key ring, or can be worn as a wristband – dependent on the age range of the recipients.

Conference Folders – Seminar Essentials All Bound Up

Conference, seminar & lecture attendees will know you mean business when upon their arrival they are handed a beautifully branded Conference Folder.

The words 'right place, right time' have never been so well suited to an advertising gift – and as such, this is an opportunity to make a mass positive impact like no other – Who in this situation is going to refuse a free Conference Folder and take out their own pad and pen?

Available in a choice of styles and branding options, the things to consider when purchasing these promotional items is how long they are likely to be used for & will they need a calculator?

For a seminar likely to last only an hour or so, an Essentials Conference Set comprising a printed cover, pad & a plain pen will probably suffice. A day long conference will usually require a folder with a pad and pen, while courses of two days or more really demand a zip-round folder with perhaps a ring binder insert.

  • Conference Folders are a practical, useful product
  • Conference Folders are non gender specific
  • Conference Folders are produced in a range of styles
  • Conference Folders can be printed or embroidered
  • Conference Folders provide mass impact at seminars

In addition to folders, other essential conference items include bannerslanyardspenspads & delegate's badges, along with confectionery & water – all of which can be branded!

Awards – Promotional Prize Guys

Presenting Awards to staff members or suppliers & clients has a recognized positive impact – not only on the recipient – but in motivating others to consistantly improve their performance.

Awards Ceremonies are good for morale. They are a public recognition of a job well-done, achievements & accomplishments. They help to foster improved business relationships.

Personalized Award is something an individual or company will display with pride, and will act as a continual reminder of the value you place on their relationship with your organization.

  • Awards are a cherished business gift
  • Awards are non gender specific
  • Awards are offered in a variety of styles & materials
  • Awards are suitable for giving to individuals, organisations or groups
  • Awards can be printed or engraved – depending on type
  • Awards provide long-term recognition
  • Awards give the recipient a sense of value

Alongside the more traditional Crystal Awards, engraved Timepieces also make great awards, combining a useful clock with an award!

Stress Items – Squeeze more out of your Ad Budget

Popular with recipients of all ages, Stress Toys have become a marketing stalwart for road shows, trade shows, open days & publicity events.

Available in a comprehensive selection of shapes – there is sure to be a Stress Toy design suited to your company & its products or services.

  • Stress Toys are a familiar, recognized item
  • Stress Toys can be given to children or adults
  • Stress Toys are available in a wide range of subject matter
  • Stress Toys are offered in environmentally-friendly options
  • Stress Toys are suited to most face-to-face marketing situations

Paper Products – There's Nothing Plain About Paper!

Looking for a branded product which will live on the desktop? Then a Printed Pad should be high on your list of considered items.

With universal appeal &  immediately recognized as a day-to-day working essential – paper products featuring your logo are virtually guaranteed to be used on a daily basis – fostering continued awareness & familiarity of your company & its brand.

  • Paper Products are an essential day-to-day product
  • Paper Products can be used by EVERYONE
  • Paper Products are offered in limitless variations
  • Paper Products are offered in environmentally-friendly options
  • Paper Products can be printed in any number of colours
  • Paper Products are suited to the majority of marketing opportunities

When it comes to pads, choices are not limited! Alongside traditionally sized rectangular papershaped optionssticky notes & bound variations are sure to add interest to your business gift.

Umbrellas – Don't Let The Rain Ruin Your Event!

If the weather takes a turn for the worse at your outdoor event – you needn't worry if you've opted for Branded Umbrellas. What could have been a promotional wash-out will suddenly turn into a sea of advertising for your company – when everyone makes use of their free brolly!

When you can't guarantee the weather it makes perfect promotional sense to invest some of your event budget in Umbrellas – the ideal combination of right product at the right time – should the skies open!

  • Umbrellas are an essential item for outdoor events
  • Umbrellas can be used by EVERYONE
  • Umbrellas are offered in a choice of styles & sizes
  • Umbrellas can be printed in any number of colours

Mugs, Bottles & Drinkware – Everyone's Cup Of Tea

Although us Brits may not all 'down-tools' at 3pm for Afternoon Tea – our tea or coffee breaks are still of vital importance to us – and so are our drinking vessels! The majority of workers admit to having their 'own' Mug at work & would feel 'wrong' drinking out of anything else!

Printed Mugs are a good way of getting your contact details onto the desks and into the hands of your customers – making them an integral part of the 'deskscape' and something they use a number of times every day.

  • Mugs are a practical, useful product
  • Mugs can be given to recipients of either sex
  • Mugs come in a choice of styles & materials
  • Mugs can be printed in any number of colours
  • Mugs have longevity

The range of drinkware available for promotional printing has expanded dramatically over the last few years. When considering promotional drinkware no longer are you limited to ceramic mugs – which means you can tailor your promotional offering to the season!

Winter? Why not look at giving your customers  a thermal travel mug?

Summer? Then why not ring the changes with a foldable water bottle?